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What We're Doing
  • Waste Diversion bins utilized in all dining service locations (Aluminum, Plastic, Cardboard & Glass recycling)
  • Divert 100% of our fryer oil waste for recycling
  • Fair trade coffee selections in Java City
  • Composting of coffee grounds
  • Catering delivers events across campus on foot when able
  • Recycled, non-bleached napkins in single feed dispensers
  • Condiments used in bulk in Café and Servery
  • Helped lead the Pledge to Recycle campaign
  • Java City coffee sleeves are made from 70% post consumer recycled fiber
  • Refillable fountain/coffee beverage program
  • Post-consumer recycle content paper
  • Use of eco-friendly Apex products in all dish machines
  • Trayless Dining